This was a research project during my studies at the University of Applied Science Potsdam. It provides a deep insight of the luxury brand Mont Blanc.

But it follows a slightly different approach concerning the design and layout. Instead of putting our results into some kind of PowerPoint or Keynote presentation I made a series of posters for a better presentation during the course. With regard to the brand’s history, it was obviously to go for a higher level concerning typography and understatement.



My team developed some personas to represent the target audience, which is a little spread but all appreciate conservative values.

MB-02 MB-03 MB-04 MB-05

Brand Profile

At last, we gathered some information about the brand itself, like a brief overview on the product palette, sponsor shipment and the placement in Sinus-Milieus.

MB-06 MB-07 MB-08 MB-09


This is not the presentation that you usually expect in a board or marketing meeting. It doesn’t use fancy colors, bar charts or animation. It just reflects the beauty and subtleness of the brand and is made with the same amount of craftsmanship like the brand’s products.